St. Albert FunTeam Soccer

Group Leader: Brandi Lynn
When: Thursday nights running from May 10th - June 28th.
Age Group: 3-10 years
Location: Langley Field - 15 Langley Avenue St. Albert, Alberta.

Group Leader: Channtelle Hicks and Megan Garrity
When: Tuesday nights running from May 8th - June 26th.
Time: 6pm - 7pm.
Age Group: 3 -12 years
Location: Langley Field - 15 Langley Avenue St. Albert, Alberta.

To register for St. Albert soccer on the FunTeam website:
For new members- CLICK HERE
If you registered online last year- CLICK HERE

Note- if you forgot your password or username you can input your email address in the "Forgot Password" field just below the member login.

If you have any problems registering please contact the FunTeam office.

FunTeam is always looking for new leaders to start groups!

The position of the group leader primarily is to work as a coordinator for the group, and a contact for FunTeam; with much of the duties being administrative. These duties can be filled by one person or up to a group of 4 working together. FunTeam Alberta will provide you with a guidebook, tools, resources and ongoing support to help you feel comfortable in your position as group leader!

The Group Leader's responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Advertise and hold a registration session (FunTeam will advertise on the FunTeam Alberta website as well as provide you with posters to be put up in your community, furthermore, we will email the previous seasons members letting them know the info and requirements for your registration session).
  • Help members fill out registration forms, collect membership fees from parents and mail them along with registration forms to the FunTeam office.
  • Place orders for t-shirts that will substitute as soccer jerseys (the fee for the t-shirt is included in the membership fee).
  • Work with coaches and other volunteers to coordinate games and practices.
If you or anyone you know is interested in filling this position please contact the FunTeam office at (780) 490-0242 or via email at