FunTeam: 12 and under

FunTeam is a family sport program, which allows siblings, parents and communities to play together in a fun, less-competitive environment. Active parent volunteers or other community minded individuals choose an activity, seek participants in their area, and access available facilities in their community. Once groups are established participants meet, break into two teams, and Just Play it!


FunTeam Annual Membership          $10.00    
FunTeam Jersey                                $15.00     
FunTeam T-Shirt                                $10.00


1. Ongoing Support from a Provincial Organization 

2. FunTeam Jersey or T-shirt
Families are encouraged to wear their jerseys or t-shirts when participating in FunTeam activities. By wearing the jersey or t-shirt, children will feel a sense of team spirit and camaraderie.

3. Coverage under FunTeam's $5 million General Liability Policy
FunTeam has a liability policy that covers every member currently registered with FunTeam.

4. FunTeam Year End Gift
In recognition of participation in FunTeam, a fun gift will be distributed at the conclusion of their activity.

5. FunTeam E-Newsletter
The e-newsletter is distributed four times a year. Readers learn about FunTeam promotions, upcoming events, important issues, inspirational stories, fundraising opportunities and more!

6. FunTeam Grant Opportunities
In need of new equipment, funding for an event, help with facility rentals or development? FunTeam members and groups have the opportunity to apply for a number of FUNTEAM GRANTS

7. Connections to other Groups &/or Community Organizations

8. Resources
FunTeam offers a number of resources to assist members participating in FunTeam programs. Some of the resources we offer are: Safety Guidelines, Fair Play codes, Policies & Procedures, Activity Handbooks, etc. For a complete list, check out the Resources FUNTEAM RESOURCES

9. FunTeam Sport Kits
In an attempt to provide FunTeam groups with some variety in their programming and perhaps to attract new members FunTeam has created sport kits. FunTeam Sport Kits come complete with step by step activity handbooks, easy to follow resources and equipment.